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Paige Carpenter

I came to Debbie for the first time in 2000. I immediately felt comfortable with her, I instinctively knew I could trust her.
I will never forget how I felt after my hair extensions were put in. It was like I had taken a "beauty pill".  My self-confidence increased tenfold (at least)! I was genetically cursed with fine, thin, lifeless hair, and for the first time in my life I had thick, long, gorgeous hair. What an incredible feeling!
I also cannot say enough about what a compassionate and magnificent person Debbie is. Through our conversations I've gained wisdom and my soul has been enriched, and I feel like knowing Debbie has made me a better person. The time I've spent with her has been invaluable to my own personal development. What a huge and unexpected bonus that was!


*Testimonial: Jessica Wilde

When I came to Deb for a consultation, my hair was thin and in bad shape. She put some extensions in that looked beautiful and I was very excited and relieved.

She is a true artist as well as being a good listener and very competent.
Now, about a year later, my own hair has grown out and I find I don't need to wear hair extensions at all!
My own hair is thicker and in much better shape.
Thank You Deb, from the bottom of my heart.
Jessica Wilde
Madison WI  
*Testimonial Anonymous
I have been a client of Deb Yoder for many years. I consider her a miracle worker. She has done wonders with my managing my hair care needs.
Not only is she a competent and knowledgeable hair stylist, she is very personable, caring and genuinely interested in people. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends, family members or colleagues.
*Testimonial Anonymous
 I hope that this sheds some light on how appreciative I was of what you did for me over the last year. Here it is:

“I went to Deb in hopes that she would be able to make my hair look long and beautiful again. I unfortunately had lost my hair due to some medical treatments and was devastated by how short it was. I had been wearing wigs for a year but was looking for a solution that made my hair look more natural. I met with Deb to discuss my hair extension options and was glad I made that consult. She explained the process and assured me that my hair would continue to grow and be healthy while wearing the hair extensions. And this truly was the case. I wore my hair extensions for a year before I decided I was ready to take them out. I loved how natural and beautiful the hair extensions looked while they were in and I loved how long and healthy my natural hair was when I did take them out. Deb Yoder is a wonderful person who cares about what you want and what you need and really makes this a worthwhile experience. I would recommend Deb Yoder for anyone who is looking for hair extensions.”


*Testimonial From Tara Rogers

Deb Yoder is not just my hair artist, she has become a very dear friend over the last 3 years while she has been helping me with my hair. When I first came to Deb, my hair was over bleached, breaking off, and falling out. She was very honest and up front about the way she would be doing my extensions, as well as, the amount of time and cost involved with the whole process. Prior to going to Deb, my old hair stylist tried to change my hair color and failed miserably! I ended up with silver hair and the stylist simply told me that I would have to bleach it back and that there was no way for me to grow my hair out without going through an "ugly stage". After doing some serious research on hair extensions and having numerous consultations with other stylists, I was told that I would have to grow the top of my hair out to at least 6 inches before I could even get extensions. Wrong!! I continued in my search and then I found Deb, my personal superwoman!! I was able to get an appointment to get my extensions within just a few weeks and I looked great! Over the years, I was able to literally see my hair growing out into a very healthy and beautiful head of hair. After 3 years I no longer need my extensions, but I still continue to go to Deb for hair coloring as my previous experience taught me a valuable lesson. Not everyone that claims to know what they're doing actually does. Deb has become my hair savior, my friend, and my confidant. I truly enjoy our time together and can't imagine letting anyone else anywhere near my hair!! If you are looking for someone that can not just "do hair extensions" but can actually nurture healthy hair growth, look no further. My hair is living proof of what Deb can do. She takes her time to make sure that you're happy with the result and she is meticulous with every little detail. Deb is truly "the hair artist"!
Tara Rogers
Jefferson, WI
My Testimonial:Jennifer Ward
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Deb and a Touch of Heaven Salon. The name alone describes the  results  I get not to mention her amazing  gifted talent! I have been in her chair for ten years as she helps me sustain my crown of glory. Not only is she a true master of hair extensions, her energy and her integrity is none to be matched. She is honest and would not steer me or anyone in the wrong direction.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that desires hair extension. I cannot put a value on what she has done for me. What a breath of fresh air especially the drama free environment, Love it Lover her!!
Testimonial: Anonymous
I have been a client of Deb's since 1995. I am from Milwaukee and was a student at UW Madison when I first met Deb. I was very picky about who braided my hair because my normal salon was in Milwaukee. As a student I couldn't afford to travel back and forth to Milwaukee to get my hair braided so I litterally went to the phone book looking up salons that had hair braiders when I found Deb. Since the day I have gone to her salon she has been amazing! She has braided my hair in so many different styles and so many people have asked me who did it so that they can acheive the same look. Her prices are wonderful and she always meets my scheduling needs. Her salon is very private (one on one) and it is an atmosphere of true caring and compassion. She lets you take the lead as to what type of look you want to aquire and then tells you what it would take to get that look with no concerns whatsoever. There has never been a style that Deb couldn't acheive for me EVER!!!! If you  are looking for an expert hair braider, with extensive experience, who will listen to your needs, you have found her! I promise you no one will ever braid your hair again after you visit A Touch Of Heaven!

*Testimonial from Laura Bullock

"My name is Laura Bullock and I have been a client of Deb Yoder since I moved here from Illinois in 1998. I had always had a fascination with hair extensions, since my hair is very porous and hard to grow longer than shoulder length. I had been to other Salons in Illinois and had tried the early method of gluing the extensions in. It was a horrible experience and I ended up having them removed only two months later, out a lot of money and large chunks of my own hair.

When I met Deb the first time she carefully explained the entire method, listened carefully to all my concerns (very Important) and assured me this would be a completely different process. I chose the longest hair I could purchase and it turned out fabulous!!! No pain, no hair loss and I was able to keep them in for over a year with regular maintenance.

I moved back to southern Illinois and made the drive to see Deb in Madison Wisconsin for several years. Unfortunately I eventually moved to St Louis Mo and decided it was too long of a drive to continue. During that period I again tried substitutions, Great Lengths ( just a modern version of glue ins) complete with hair loss. Then I was conned by a Salon owner claiming to know the method used by Deb. I not only ended up with a bloody scalp, she refused to meet with me to correct the problem and I had to have another Salon remove them. The damage to my hair was extensive.

It was at this point that I realized there is no substitute for the real thing. I now travel to Wisconsin from St. Louis regularly for my appointments with Deb. I have a beautiful head of hair ( that by the way is so natural not even my co-workers guess I have them in, and Deb is such a beautiful, loving human being we have become great friends and I think of her as my own family.

If you are looking for beautiful hair, a stylist that really cares about you and how you feel and puts all that energy into every visit you make to her Salon, look no further. You have found the ONLY extensions you will ever wear again. Congratulations! And I hope to run into you at Debs soon!!"



*Testimonial from Deborah Meyer

"I am amazed at the incredible talents of Deb Yoder. Due to a medical condition I was forced to wear a wig. I spoke with  hair replacement specialists all over the country who were unable to help. I was referred to A Touch of Heaven -- Thank god! Deb was able to put extensions in my thin short hair and they looked absolutely natural. What a blessing!"



*Testimonial from Anonymous

"I have been a client of A Touch of Heaven for 5 years. I went to Deb to have hair extensions put in for my wedding day in 2004. I loved her work so much that I continue to wear hair extentions today!

Not only does she make you look beautiful, but she takes her time to ensure your hair is left very healthy.
I started out with short hair before the extensions were put in, my hair is now down my back and the longest
and healthiest its ever been in my life!

I recently moved away from Madison and now reside in Naperville, Illinois. I will make the 2-3 hour road trip to have Deb continue doing my hair. I can't imagine switching to anyone else! My husband  agrees that it's worth the trip because I always come home looking beautiful after seeing Deb!

I highly recommend her as a stylist. You will be 110% satisfied when you see the result and
the miracles she works with hair extensions!

A very happy client!"

*Testimonial from Darcy Matus

"I have been coming to see Deb at A Touch of Heaven for hair extensions for three years. I have fine hair and wanted more length and fullness. I researched hair extentions and wanted them done safely, without cutting my hair, glue and clamps. I found Deb was recommended on the Hair Boutique website, so I called and came to Madison to talk with her. I live in the Chicago- Milwaukee area, but don't mind traveling to Deb's salon for her services.

My hair is in great condition and I love it! I strongly recommend Deb at A Touch of Heaven. I don't have any medical condition, but know Deb works with people who do and I know how much they appreciate and love her.

She does a great job and people don't even know I'm wearing hair extensions."

Please send testimonials to Deb Yoder at dwizardress@hotmail.com

Thank you!!